Criminal Law

We believe that the criminal defence lawyer is the bulwark that stands between the individual and the power of the state.

People facing criminal prosecution are at their most vulnerable and they need a strong and respected advocate in their corner.

All of our clients’ cases deserve and demand our personal attention. We ensure their interests are vigorously and fearlessly defended with our meticulous preparation and strategic acumen garnered from years of experience in the criminal courts.

We represent clients in all Criminal Code, Youth Criminal Justice Act and Controlled Drugs & Substances Act cases, as well as all provincial offences, including those under the Highway Traffic Act.

We are strong believers in the ancient and honourable barrister’s principle of ‘first come, first served’ embodied in the Cab Rank Rule. As such, no case is too big or too small for our firm to handle and we represent clients in all manner of cases, from mischief to murder.

Pre-charge investigations

Avoiding being charged in the first place is obviously the best possible outcome for any client.

With our years of experience representing clients in pre-charge investigations, our strategic advice in these circumstances is second to none.

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While we are fearless advocates, we also recognize that there are times when the best possible outcome for the client can be achieved with a resolution.  This may involve charges being withdrawn, a guilty plea or plea to a lesser offence. If it is in their best interests to consider a resolution short of trial, we will always advise our clients of this option.  If a client chooses to pursue a resolution, we can help them to achieve it in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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Trial experience

We have years of experience and hundreds of trials under our belts. We have tried all manner of criminal cases, literally from mischief to murder. If a trial is required, we will have no hesitation defending you fearlessly and vigorously.

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Regulated professionals

Our firm has extensive experience in representing professionals who are the subject of criminal investigations and/or charges. We are also experienced in addressing the significant regulatory consequences for professionals that can flow from criminal charges.

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